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Thieves Steal Garage Door Remotes in San Diego Neighborhood


A few months ago, at least 5 homeowners in Loma, San Diego woke up to find their vehicles broken into. And in a few of the break-ins, garage door remotes went missing. Thieves then used the stolen remotes to enter garages and steal thousands of

Surprising Garage Door Maintenance Statistics Show Safety Concern


A new study on garage door maintenance has recently revealed a shocking revelation: nearly 82% of homeowners aren’t caring for their garage doors properly. Over half of the homeowners who took the poll reported that they have never had a garage door opener safety check

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Door in Great Shape


As we inch closer to summertime, homeowners tend to operate their garage door much more often than they would of in spring. From kids riding their bikes to summer outings, many families will use their garage door opener 2 or 3 times more often! This

Common Garage Door Problems That Most Homeowners Face


It’s easy not to worry about your garage door until something goes wrong. Most homeowners tend to think the loud creaking or groaning noises are all part of owning a garage door. But these are signs that you need garage door maintenance! Fortunately, most homeowners

How a Garage Door Installation Can Increase Your Home’s Value


Your garage door is a significant part of the front of your home. It would only make sense that a new garage door would increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value. In fact, a garage door replacement is one of the best home renovation

Garage Door Remote Theft: How to Protect Yourself


It’s something we’ve frequently written about in the past and will continue to do so: garage theft. Indeed, there’s no shortage of home and business owners leaving their garage doors wide open and unattended day and night. It’s almost like inviting thieves right on in