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How to Freshen Up Your Garage Air


In our line of work as a garage door repair company, stuffy garage air is all too common. Garages tend accrue dust, mold, and mildew more than other areas of the home. I mean, when’s the last time you thought about dusting your garage?! The

Now You Can Use Apple HomeKit with MyQ Garage Openers


Smart homes have gotten a little smarter thanks to Chamberlain and Liftmaster now being compatible with Apple HomeKit technology. We’ve written about MyQ garage door openers in the past, and they’re pretty cool little devices that allow you to operate your garage door from practically

Removing Tricky Stains on a Garage Door


Few things can ruin the look of your home more than a stained garage door. Because your garage door encompasses a large portion of the front of your home, an unappealing panel could significantly reduce your house’s curb appeal. Before you shell out some dough

Is It Safe to Remove Rust from Garage Door Springs?


Garage door springs are an important part of an overhead door system. Whether you’re using an extension spring or a torsion spring, these parts help counterbalance the heavy weight of your garage door. Without a functioning spring, your garage door opener won’t work and you’ll

Tips for Thoroughly Cleaning a Garage Panel


No one likes a dull garage door panel. If your garage door looks like its seen better days, this blog post is for you. Over time, it’s normal for the panel on your garage to lose its color. This is often a result of years

4 Popular Reasons Your Garage Door May Break Down


For most people, their garage door works reliably until one day it breaks down out of the blue. But the truth is garage door problems are often the result of a lack of proper maintenance and inspections. While not all issues can be prevented, many