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Preparing Your Garage Door for a Hurricane


There’s no doubt about it: the last few hurricanes this year did some seriously devastating damage. And it’s also made more homeowners interested in “hurricane-proofing” their homes. While there’s no way to completely prevent a hurricane from wrecking your house, there are a few important

Crashing into Your Garage Door: Is it Salvageable?


Whether you’ve accidentally backed into your garage door or your teenager made a big mistake, there’s a good chance that you have a large dent in your panel. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to save the garage door, the answer is: maybe. The main

No Electricity? No Problem – Manually Opening Your Garage


Most people take their garage door for granted. After all, you press the garage door remote to open it and press it again to close. Garage doors tend to be fairly reliable and often work for many years before issues occur. But there’s nothing more

Garage Door Window Installation for Homeowners


If you’re planning on installing windows for a garage door, there’s a few important things to keep in mind. We’ve seen a few cases where homeowners take a do-it-yourself approach and take it upon themselves to cut out openings and install the windows themselves. Unfortunately,

Garage Door Track Lubrication: Yes or No?


Some garage door owners apply grease, oil, or some other form of lubricant to their garage door tracks, thinking that it’ll help smooth operation. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good idea for a few reasons: 1) Grease or oil attracts dust and grime which could ultimately

How to Keep Your Garage Door Functional


One of the biggest reasons we receive broken garage door service calls is due failing garage door parts. Sometimes breakdowns happen and there’s nothing you can do about it. But on the other hand, sometimes the breakdown is preventable. That’s what we’d like to talk