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Restoring a Dull Garage Door Panel


Over time, a garage door panel can lose its luster. If your garage door has seen better days, there’s a good chance you can polish it up so it looks brand-new again. First, it’s important to check your garage door for any signs of damage.

Garage Floor Oil Stain Removal Tips & Tricks


Do you have an unsightly oil stain on your garage floor that you just can’t seem to remove? When stains occur on concrete, it can be challenging to remove them. Fortunately, with a little work and the right products you can have your garage floor

How to Remove Rust from Your Garage Door


Dealing with a rusty garage door? You’re not alone. Garage doors are frequently exposed to outside elements that can cause rust build-up over time. This is especially true of cheaper metal doors or for those who live closer to the ocean. Minor rust can be

Celebrating Safety with Garage Door Maintenance & Inspections


The month of garage door safety is nearly upon us and with it comes a reminder to stay safe while operating your garage door. It’s easy to take an overhead panel for granted. But remember, it’s a very heavy piece of equipment that can seriously

Thieves Steal Garage Door Remotes in San Diego Neighborhood


A few months ago, at least 5 homeowners in Loma, San Diego woke up to find their vehicles broken into. And in a few of the break-ins, garage door remotes went missing. Thieves then used the stolen remotes to enter garages and steal thousands of

Surprising Garage Door Maintenance Statistics Show Safety Concern


A new study on garage door maintenance has recently revealed a shocking revelation: nearly 82% of homeowners aren’t caring for their garage doors properly. Over half of the homeowners who took the poll reported that they have never had a garage door opener safety check