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Self Maintenance Helped Fix My Garage Door

Nothing else in your home experiences as much wear and tear as your garage door. Think about it. You’ve got a 500 pound door going up and down several times a day, literally thousands of times a year. It’s easy to understand why regular maintenance can help cut down on your garage door cost. All nuts and bolts need to be tightened once or twice per year. The chain or screw needs regular lubrication. You can get a spray on oil to make it easier. This will make it easier for the door to go up and down, extending the life of both the chain and the opener.

You’ll also want to periodically test the balance of your door. Disengage the door from the opener by pulling on the rope. Lower the door half way. A properly balanced door will stay in this position without any help. If it starts to go down on one side or another, you need to get a professional to balance it. It’s generally the result of too much tension in the springs. Adjusting the springs is a dangerous procedure. Whether you need a garage door torsion spring repair or a new extension spring, don’t try to do it alone – call a professional for help.

Don’t Forget a Garage Door Safety Inspection!

If you’ve already completed your garage door maintenance, great job! But don’t rest just yet. After properly lubricating and caring for your garage door parts, it’s important to test the panel for safety. To check your garage door’s reversal mechanism, place a new roll of paper towels under the door, stand back, and attempt to close the door. Your door should immediately reverse upon contact with the paper towels. It should not crush the roll nor should it bend the middle cardboard piece. If it does, then the reversal mechanism on your garage door is not functioning properly and you should immediately seek repairs.

A Local Company that’s Always Within Reach

Feel free to call the professionals at Sac’s Garage Door Repair anytime of the day or night and say, “Fix my garage door.” We’re a local company serving the Rocklin and greater Sacramento area with a complete 100% customer satisfaction guaranty.

Types and Styles of New Garage Doors

When it comes to buying garage doors brand new, there are several options to consider. First, which type? Do you want one that swings out, swings up, rolls up, or moves from slide to the side? Second, which type of material do you want the door made from? Wooden garage doors have charm, but require a lot of maintenance including repainting and refurbishing. Steel doors are low on maintenance. They are tough but cheap. Steel can rust, however, so you’ll need to touch up scratches. The other downside is it dents. Aluminum is lightweight and fairly maintenance free, but tends to be expensive. You can spend as much as $10,000 on an aluminum garage door.