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How a Garage Door Installation Can Increase Your Home’s Value


Boost Your Curb AppealYour garage door is a significant part of the front of your home. It would only make sense that a new garage door would increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value. In fact, a garage door replacement is one of the best home renovation projects to choose from as it produces some of the highest return on investment compared to other projects.

Sources have shown that homeowners can recoup an astonishing 91.5% of the new garage door value if they sell their home.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to sell your home. If you’re worried about the for-sale sign hanging around on your lawn for too long, consider installing a new garage door panel to increase your curb appeal and the chance for a potential buyer to spot your home!

Garage Door Dent Repair: How to Fix a Damaged Panel

Whether you’ve accidentally backed into your garage door or someone purposely damaged it, a dent should never be ignored. When ignored, dents can lead to rust and further problems with the door. The best way to fix a dent on a garage door is to first wash and dry the area. Then apply a layer of foil over the dent and using a lighter move the flame back and forth over the dent to lightly heat up the metal. Next, hold a compressed air can upside and spray the foil. This combination of heat and cold will cause the metal to expand back into it’s original position.