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Now You Can Use Apple HomeKit with MyQ Garage Openers


MyQ Garage Door Openers Now Compatible with Apple HomeKitSmart homes have gotten a little smarter thanks to Chamberlain and Liftmaster now being compatible with Apple HomeKit technology. We’ve written about MyQ garage door openers in the past, and they’re pretty cool little devices that allow you to operate your garage door from practically anywhere in the world.

MyQ garage door openers use wireless technology that allows you to operate your garage door from anywhere in the world – as long as you have a cellphone, tablet, or laptop nearby and connected to the internet. It’s like a portable garage door remote you can use anywhere!

Why would one want to operate their garage door when they’re not home, you ask? Well, there’s a few reasons!

MyQ Garage Opener Features

MyQ lets you monitor the status of your garage door. If you’ve ever left for work in the morning only to turn around to make sure you didn’t forget to close your garage door, well, worry no more. MyQ allows you to check if you left the door open remotely and if so you can close it from wherever you are.

Other benefits of MyQ-enabled garage openers include the ability to send alerts if your garage door is opened as well as a temporary pin function. Temporary pin numbers are an interesting new concept that allows you to set a one-time passcode for your garage door keypad which expires after a single use. This could be useful when you want to grant someone access to your garage but don’t want them to have access to it later.

Apple HomeKit Integration

In the past, MyQ was only compatible with its own apps. Now, you can use it with Apple HomeKit technology, which is kind of like an all-in-one smart home control panel you can operate using your Apple devices. Apple HomeKit can control things like lighting, air conditioning, windows, and more.