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Is It a Problem If Your Garage Door is Loud?


Is It Normal for a Garage to Be NoisyIf your garage door sounds loud, there’s a good chance something is wrong. First, it’s important to understand that there are numerous garage door parts that all work together to open and close your door. It’s normal for there to be some sound and it doesn’t always mean there’s something wrong.

But if you notice your door becoming increasingly loud, you might want to hire a garage door technician to check it out.

In general, a noisy door could mean a few things including:

  • Your garage door parts require lubrication
  • The garage door opener or motor is failing
  • You might have a door off track
  • The springs are beginning to age or rust

Remember: loud noise is a sign that something’s about to go wrong. It’s often much cheaper to have it repaired now instead of waiting for it to completely break down.