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Seasonal Garage Door Repair: Watch Out for These Winter Problems!


3 Most Common Garage Door Problems In WinterDid you know that cold weather can negatively affect the performance of your garage door? Here are a few common issues that affect garage doors during the winter:

1) Broken Garage Door Springs

As the temperature dips into the freezing range, the metal springs on your garage door could weaken and snap. This problem usually happens to older or rusted springs, so make sure to keep your springs clean and if they’re old, replace them before winter.

2) Weather Stripping

Make sure to replace the weather strip on your garage door before it starts to snow! This is a small rubber pad that extends along the base of your garage door. It helps keep out dirt, debris, water, and other outside elements. Over time, your weather strip can tear and weaken, which negatively affects the insulation in your garage. And there’s nothing worse than having to replace a weather strip during winter. So, make sure to replace yours before it gets too cold outside!

3) Excess Grease

If you’ve used thick grease to lubricate your garage door parts, then it could negatively affect the performance of your door when the temperature drops. We recommend removing the grease and applying a thin coat of silicone spray or white lithium grease for best results.